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FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Traffic Trend, March 2015

FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Traffic Trend, March 2015

The odometer rollover even snuck up on me. Over the Holiday, normal FixturesCloseUp retail B2B readership and traffic exceeded 1,100,000 page views. One would think that as a brand FixturesCloseUp has arrived, while my wife nags me to pay more attention to her than the Blog. But men, writers and engineers (I am all three … though EIT only) are incorrigible creatures, and I plan new FixturesCloseUp improvements on top of the 5,300 Blog posts,  475 Pinterest Boards and 12,000 Pins, 13 Fixture Categories, 900 Fixture Tags, and gallery photo improvements already in place. Thanks for reading thus far. Stay tuned, for the best is yet to come. And if you have a mind, and a business war chest to draw from, consider becoming the sponsor or owner of the hottest intellectual property in Retail Fixtures! Scroll down for links to pertinent details.

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FixturesCloseUp 12 Month Trends
Skip Globalshop is Front Page News
Skip GlobalShop, Gain 12% Web Traffic
FixturesCloseUp Top Linked-In Profile
34,500 FixturesCloseUp February Views
41,472 FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Interactions
FixturesCloseUp February Brightens
Now 5,000 Fixture Posts + 10,100 Pins Strong
FixturesCloseUp January’s 2015 Best Traffic Stats
FixturesCloseUp Daily Traffic Peak; 1,624
FixturesCloseUp Daily Traffic Peak: 1,555
1,000,000 FixturesCloseUp Page Views

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