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Interesting that GlobalShop® week has always been a blessing to FixturesCloseUp® readership over the years. Normally one would assume fixtures research would decline while the professionals attend the industry’s biggest and best show. Not so with FixturesCloseUp researchers. I suggest that visitors check the FixturesCloseUp news during and after the show, and staff not chosen to attend research hardware challenges. But whatever the reason, I make sure that I don’t take GlobalShop week off, and post competitive news to stay ahead of GlobalShop as an industry source. So which are you, a GlobalShop attendee, a FixturesCloseUp reader, or both?

Check the FixturesCloseUp GlobalShop 2015 Traffic chart above to see that starting 4 weeks ago Tuesday thru Thursday (GlobalShop days) page views trended 3651 to 3796 to 3868 to 4071 during the three days of Globalshop. If plotted in percentage terms readership would track as 100% to 104% to 106% to 112%. So in the past month FixturesCloseUp mid-week readership rose 12% in response to GlobalShop … all without paying for booth space, hotels, onsite staff and travel. Good news for you if you are the stay-at-home researcher … or if fixture promoter, scroll down to see that FixturesCloseUp seeks a sponsor. One year GlobalShop costs would get you FixturesCloseUp as a Social Media promotional platform permanently.

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