On-Shelf Cane Rack Front

On-Shelf Cane Rack AngledThere is a season for most merchandise, and even many medications and health care items. But I would not have guessed Spring for canes. Racks like these are often seen moderately to heavily picked through. This fully stocked rack is a first in my experience. Maybe the seasonal restocking is driven my manufacturer promotions and discounts. Or maybe Spring, as here creates a demand for a cane with a new look and aid in getting outdoors. Personally I have a predilection for heavy solid wood and durable aircraft aluminum canes of the self-defense genre. A rounded cane top with a “bite” as opposed to a T-handle are also a preference. My cane twirl moves are elemental though reasonable, possibly because I have juggling skills. I avoid sword canes, gun,  and other truly specialized offerings, even those equipped with flasks.

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