Twenty Top-Rated Targets

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Twenty Top-Rated TargetsI have to admit to having Twenty Top-Rated Targets® in my Mercedes® navigation, and I visit many many others. Why these twenty? They are near places I frequent from Carlisle, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Allenton,and Stroudsburg, to Scranton PA; Bridgewater, Clifton, Hackettstown, NJ, with a highlighted favorite-of-favorites in Bala Cynwood PA diagonal from the Hilton Hotel and Saks, and mid-way between the King of Prussia, Franklin Mills Mall and Center City Philly. We once bounced Dignetaries between those last 3 destinations 6 times in a single day running the gauntlet of the “Surekill” Schuykill Expressway. Though I enjoy the work, I’m really not paid enough for this … except for dinner at the Hilton Hotel. CLICK the thumbnail to see that the sheer complexity of the console as what is demanding, not the driving. What I really lack is a Hurst® Shifter.

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Twenty Top-Rated Targets
Balenciaga® Bag at Target®

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Twenty Top-Rated Targets
Balenciaga® Bag at Target®
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Twenty Top-Rated Targets
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