SmartWatch vs Rolex Steam Punk

SmartWatch vs Rolex Steam Punk

SmartWatch vs Rolex Steam PunkSmartWatch vs Rolex Steam Punk? As wearable tech, SmartWatches require a different approach to display and sales. Yes I bought my Rolex® based upon bezel, second and timing hands, chronometer features and more … but mostly on style and brand. With wearable tech I want to compare actual app operations. So displaying all brands on a bar-as-wrist-substitute allows the most direct of comparisons. Separately boxed and displayed watches would slow, not speed, the sale. Wearable tech for me? I think not. Too old-school and an admirer of the hey-day of the machine age in terms of precision Rolex jeweled movements with on-wrist autowind. As a throw-back I almost qualify for Wrist Watch Steam Punk.

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SmartWatch vs Rolex® Steam Punk
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