FixturesCloseUp Feb 2015 Traffic Stats Final

FixturesCloseUp Feb 2015 Traffic

As both a short month and the period for Google Search Algorithm changes, February is normally not a favored traffic month. But this year (2015), FIxturesCloseUp® page views are up 10,000 to almost 34,500 for the month, and visitors up 1,000 to 3,000 over February 2013 and 2014 to nearly 10,600 visits. I believe the figures result both from an ongoing gain in FixturesCloseUp traffic, and Google algorithm changes that (for a change) had little impact on FixturesCloseUp site search. That proposal is a huge simplification, so call me direct if you care to discuss in more depth. And if you know (or can guess) the Google Algorithm impact on your fixturing site, how about sharing with the industry too.

FixturesCloseUp Feb 2015 Comparative Traffic Stats

FixturesCloseUp Feb2013- 2015 Comparative Traffic Stats

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