Vintage VCR Hybrid Scan Hook

Vintage VCR Hybrid Scan Hook

The two newsworthy topics here are combined in the “Vintage VCR Hybrid Scan Hook” post title. I was surprised to find VCR still supported with offerings like this VCR Head Cleaner. Maybe I am a media snob having an appreciation for Vinyl LP Records and Weighted Turn Table Platters, Reel-to-Reel, and even Cassette formats, but not 8-Track or VCR Tape. I do appreciate the Hybrid Scan Hook employed in any event. Backplate mounts to Bar as here but also supports Wire Grid for a dual-use. Label Holder is a FISH-Tip Mount, and if you look closely it even supports a Header Card insert. The Hybrid Backplate is a relatively modern innovation, but FISH-Tip Label Holder mounts have already outlived 8-Track, Cassette, VCR, CD, DVD, and MP. It’s truly hard to come up with a better idea for something this versatile and simple. Careful of the use of this Hybrid Hook on Bar without Backdrop or you may create an unintentional Sight Leak.

Compare and Contrast…

Hybrid Backplate Two-for-One
Vintage VCR Hybrid Scan Hook” (This Post)

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