Hybrid Hook Backplate 3 copy

Hybrid Hook Backplate Two-for-One View

Hybrid Hook Backplate AuxThis is a Hybrid Backplate Two-For-One comparison. You get to see both the back (left) and forward-facing backplate (right) simultaneously. Here the Backplate mounts to Bar. But the upward enclosure and extra long flat Backplate make this Hybrid design compatible with Grid. A great double-hitter in retail with both fixtures. But all is not sunshine and roses. CLICK through the gallery to see that in a sight-leak situation, with no backdrop, these hooks present an unsightly, jumbled view; allowing your vision to pass or leak right through. The solution! Don’t temp the fates by using inappropriately or without Backdrop as necessary. Scan Hook Label Holder Mount System is FISH-Tip with Extruded Label Holder.

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