Burton Expanded Metal Tray for Slatwire

Burton Expanded Metal Tray for Slatwire

Burton Expanded Metal Tray for SlatwireDon’t just brand your boot (snowboard or ski) when you can echo brand like this Burton Expanded Metal Tray for Slatwire too. The main image shows an irregular hexagonal Slatwall Tray angled to best present the boot, and branded with the Burton Logo for added emphasis. But check the thumbnail for the effect of double branding with the boot in place. Finally step through the gallery of all manner of angle and use. See that the expanded metal shelf surface saves cost, weight and automatically sheds dust and dirt.

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For Expanded Metal by Title…

Burton® Branded Slatwire Tray
Expanded Metal Hook Hang
Expanded Metal as Platform
Expanded Metal Security Screen
Expanded Metal Goes Green
Expanded Metal as Display Backing
Expanded Metal as Display Surface
Shoe Ledge Clings to Metal Mesh
Expanded Metal Hosts Flatback Hooks

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For Boot Merchandising Fixtures by Title see…

Burton® Branded Slatwire Tray
Boots Hanging or Standing
Choose Urbane or Primitive
Tall Items in a Short Space
Pedestal Exploits Jagged Rocks for Hiking
Boot Hooks for Incremental Sales
Rain Galoshes Front-and-Center
Gender Tagged Ski Boots
Boots Hike a Bed of Nails

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Slatwall / Slatwire Ledges and Trays…

Burton® Branded Slatwire Tray
Reinventing The Slotwall Tray
Narrow Ledge for Slatwall Endcap
Imaginative Backplate Uses
Sustainable Slatwall Shelf
Bath-and-Body Slatwall Trays
Sunglasses By Slatwall Ledge.”
Slatwall Sunglass Ledges x 2
Slatwall or Tower Hat Tray
Simple Extruded Shelf or Tray
Slotwall Shoe Ledges

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Slatwall-Slatwire Ledges-Trays

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