Swarovski Teddy Bear Monoliths

Swarovski Teddy Bear Monoliths

I will try to convince you that the Swarovski Teddy Bear Monoliths are my primary outfitting interest here, or that Swarovski is just in time for Valentine’s Day with this Teddy Bear. But in truth it is the Teddy himself as hero of the display that drew me. The smaller, more traditional crystal key rings were a nice counterpoint in terms of scale. Don’t let the key chain use limit your imagination. I bought the Teddy as a large Purse Charm for my wife. And being outrageously detailed (look close) and a Swarovski, she didn’t even mind it was not Diamonds. CLICK through the gallery for zooms. Note the left eye and other treatments. Oh, yes, and also those Swarovski display case monoliths.

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Swarovski Teddy Bear Monoliths
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Swarovski® Teddy Bear Monoliths
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