ARE Store Design Return on Investment

Association for Retail Environments Reports Store Design Return on Investment

ARE Retail Environmaents Jan-Feb 2015 CoverThough FixturesCloseUp focuses on the small “bricks-and-mortar” elements of Store Design, this month’s A•R•E Retail Environments Magazine hosts an on-target article by Gail Deibler Finke on Store Design Return on Investment. A must-read even by a nuts-and-bolts fixture guy like me. I heartily recommend it. Enlarge the infographic above with a CLICK. Then link out to the full article at… “Finding the Holy Grail.” Just don’t forget to return for my daily fixture flotsam and jetsam. For additional useful information often tracked and reported here on FixturesCloseUp try the color-in-retail threads below.

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