Hermes Lockdown Double Occupancy Main

Hermes Lockdown Double Occupancy

Here Hermes is Visual Merchandised in twos, contrasting an En Masse offering just a countertop away. Fragrance specifics like name and style are again left to the imagination, or to be recognized by Hermes cognizanti only. I loved the orange presentation boxes, but remind all that a Silver finish is a challenge to display, with it dissolving into the black box interiors here. Rich looking, yes, but requiring tricky lighting … as I have learned from years of attempting to photograph Chrome Hooks and gleaming Chrome Metro Open Wire Shelving. Hmmmm.  Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the dramatic simplicity of the Orange packaging.

Compare and contrast directly…
Hermes Lockdown En Masse
Hermes Lockdown Double Occupancy

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Hermes Lockdown En Masse
Hermes Lockdown Double Occupancy

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