Suction Cup Bus Card Holder Vertical

Suction Cup Business Card Holder

Suction Cup Bus Card Holder HorizontalIf I sold Suction Cups or Magnetic Grip Clips I would be sure to box something like this up to send to you as an inexpensive but odd promotion. Sadly I don’t sell these items, and at FixturesCloseUp I don’t even merit a professional Business Card, so I press my independent day-job (with Trion Industries, Inc.) card into service. With a youngish wife at home, I obviously have lost sight of what the priorities for my time should be if I am toying with Suction Cups and my daytime business card after hours. Still, a slow fixtures news day, is a slow fixtures news day, and a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate presentation. Can you offer a better Magnetic display?

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts.  I do not publish Product Releases directly, but if you have an unusual fixture use in retail, my 100,000+ annual visitors might be interested. Fire off an email to me. I am happy to provide my readers with ideas and choices.

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