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Mercedes Benz Three-Dimensional Floor Mat Tray Miniature

Don’t you hate when deep snow, slush and melt overflow your generic vehicle floor mats? Mercedes Benze® demonstrates how this won’t happen in miniature with the Approved M-B High-Wall Floor Trays. The miniatures sell the design concept and benefit immediately. Look close to see they are Mercedes Star Logo emblazoned too. Of course if you could charge what Mercesed Benz can for even aftermarket items like this, you’d be creating Mercedes Benz Brands Miniature Floor Mats for Point-of-purchase too. HINT: I made MB toss in the Floor Mats and extra Electronic Keys free along with low-rate financing and more last go round. All you need do is catch Daimler® in a downturn at end-of-model-year and you’ll find a bit of wiggle room in those offers and pricing. For god’s sake, they’re not Prada or Armani! Unless you order Mercedes AMG! The luxury Maybach® brand is no longer produced. Damn, just when I had a half-million in loose change.

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