Snow Disk Slung Side-Saddle Detail

Snow Disk Slung Side-Saddle Snow Shovel Cross Sell

Snow Disk Slung Side-Saddle OverallAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So Snow Disks and Sleds are cross-merchandised directly with Snow Scoops and Snow Shovels. If you don’t care for one, maybe then the other, or best choice of all, one of each. Snow Disks are slung side-saddle in a fixtures much akin to a Literature Holder or Frame Displayer. Other offerings are hooked with 90º Tip Single and Doulde Frontwire Utility Hooks. The entire rack is mobile allowing rollout on snowy Winter days. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup of the Snow Disk and is display hardware.

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Snow Disk Slung Side-Saddle

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