Monthly Traffic Trends 2014 Courtesy of FixturesCloseUp and

Monthly Traffic Trends 2014 Courtesy of FixturesCloseUp and

FixturesCloseUp November Monthly Trends 2014

2014 Monthly Trend

Decembers are among the slowest traffic months on FixturesCloseUp. Nevertheless readership increases for December across the years. These statistics are similar to trends within my outfitting sub-specialty, assumedly because retailers are busy with the peak retailing season, running out of their end-of-year budgets, and have already ordered componentry needed for the kickoff of the new year. There are few sources of industry statistics with which to compare, so I have always shared mine with the trade as a benchmark. Have gonads? Leave a comment and share some of your traffic and business patterns with others. We all might learn something. Note that on FixturesCloseUp, regardless of Page Views, December Visitor numbers have a nice upward trajectory.

December Statistic Details

December 2014: PageViews 26,639, Vistors 10,192
December 2013:  Page Views 22,744, Visitors 9,714
December 2012: Page Views 23.334, Visitors 7,222

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