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Ten thousand + FixturesCloseUp Pinterest image posts are the latest milestone in the growth of WordPress, the site’s engine, offers a variety of single image and gallery post options, but Pinterest is totally visual with categorization by almost 450 specific fixture topic Boards catering to 2,300+ fixture followers. You can search directly on FixturesCloseUp by Keyword, Tag, Category, and Index Pages by Title. But if you need to browse by image you can head right to the Pinterest Menu which identifies the Pinterest Boards by Titled list, or directly to the visual FixturesCloseUp on Pinterest. All blog images are posted as Pins to Pinterest, and cross classified as necessary to match Tags and Categories and more. Try the Pinterest Menu and Site if you need or prefer a visual search platform.

EDITORS NOTE: LIf the research and read attraction of 5,000 fixture review posts and 10,000 fixture Pinterest Pins, with over 100,000 visitors and 300,000+ page views annual sparks your interest maybe you’d consider FixturesCloseUp as part of your company’s new age, Social Media outreach. FixturesCloseUp is looking for a sponsor and home. Check out the site statistics, honors and awards, and Fair Market Valuations under the “Site for Sale” menu above. Let me know if you have an interest in FixturesCloseUp as an intellectual property and thought leadership representing and promoting your interests as nothing else can.

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