Yellow Flatback Scan Hook for 3″ and 4″ Grid

Yellow Flatback Scanning Grid Hook AuxAn unexpected find this Flatback Yellow Scan Hook for Grid with matching Yellow Flip-Front Label Holder. The White Rabbit Ear ICC (Inventory Control Clip) plays a supporting role and matches the White Grid. See that a background prevents Sight Leak. CLICK the thumbnail and gallery for additional views. Given the low life cycle cost and eco-friendly advantages of Powder Coat, I don’t understand why more Retailers and Point of Purchase Designers don’t take advantage of color hooks in their concepts. See the various Color threads here on FixturesCloseUp INDEX PAGES and the FixturesCloseUp PINTEREST BORADS for hooks in all manner of color. For your next display or store, think in color.

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Yellow Flatback Hook for Grid
Store-Entry Fortune Telling
DeWalt® Circular Saw Blade Merchandiser
Lutz® Power Bit Apothecary
Bi-Directional I-Beam Bumper Guard Needed
In-Store Toy Selection Advice
Keen® Shoe Circles and Squares
Keen® Brands Rebar Table Stand
Sweet-Corn-to-Butter Cross Sell
Roof Diapers for Retail
No-Nonsense No Loitering Sign
Rubbermaid® Mops Color Branded
Grid Hook Anchor in Yellow
IKEA Bag Cart for Shopping
Borrow a Big Yellow Bag at IKEA
IKEA® Caster Mobile Bag Return
Nordstrom® Skinny Sleep Pillow
Best of Bungee-Corded Brands
Fan di Fendi Fans Out Across Retail
Slatwall Pattern Color Vignette
Timber Bumper in Vivid Yellow
Sale Sign Sidebar
Liz Claiborne Store-Within-Store
Karen Millen® Ribboned Bag
Yellow Fixtures Brand DeWalt®
Ladies Please Be Seated
Don’t Flush With Your Feet!
Lego® Corrugated Shelves Adjust
Slotwall & Label Strip Both Curve
Yellow Hooks on Yellow Slatwall
Yellow Can Be Green
Pin-Up Hook for Wire Grid
Baseball-size Display Hook Ends

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Yellow Flatback Hook for Grid
Rack on a Pebble Base
Blue Grid as Display Surface
Dolce & Gabbana Venetian Blind
Red Hook Ensemble
Periscope Multi-Hook for Upright
Expanded Metal as Display Backing
Expanded Metal Goes Green
Oversize Loop Hook on Slot Bar
In-Store Sight Leak Plugged
T-Faceout for Apparel
Grid Backdrop for Cookware
Expanded Metal as Display Surface
Slotted Upright Hosts Slotted Bar
Oversize Loop Hook on Slot Bar
Grid Back for Metro Wire Shelf
Bite Me Invitation to Buy

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