White All Wire Scanning Grid Hook Main

White All Wire Scanning Hook for 3″ and 4″ Grid

White All Wire Scanning Grid Hook AuxMaybe an open All Wire Backplate Grid Hook is not such a bad choice for open-wire 3” and 4” Grid? I am sure the background helps, and prevents a full blown Sight Leak. Matching White Label Holder is of the Flip-Front variety. Grid, Hook and Label Holder all match in this concept. CLICK the thumbnail and gallery for various views. Originally Open Wire Hooks on an Open Wire Grid might not have been among my fist choices, but this presentation is changing my mind. Retailers and Point of Purchase Designers can take advantage of color hooks (or non-color hooks in the case of black and white) in their concepts. See the various Color threads here on FixturesCloseUp INDEX PAGES and the FixturesCloseUp PINTEREST BORADS for hooks in all manner of color. CLICK the thumbnail and gallery for other views.

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Bite Me Invitation to Buy

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