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Kobalt® Employs Green All Wire Metal Plate Scan Hooks for Pegboard

Lime Green is a trendy color these days. But who would expect to find to see trendy Lime Green Kobalt® Metal Plate All-Wire Pegboard Scan Hooks in Hardware and Building Supplies?  They look particularly good against the black background. Perfectly even spacing and no Metal Plate overlap would have improved the display all the more. Still a fun fixturing proposition even if Kobalt® branding is normally deep Blue. CLICK the gallery to step through views. The “Go Green” theme also extends to environmental friendliness because Powdercoating is less toxic than Chrome Plating. Way to go Kobalt. Labels are self-adhesive and not the plain-paper, drop-in style, even though such after-market Label Holders exist for Metal Plate Scan Hooks. See the various Color threads here on FixturesCloseUp INDEX PAGES and the FixturesCloseUp PINTEREST BORADS for hooks in all manner of color. For your next point-of-purchase display or store, think in color.

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