FixturesCloseUp November Monthly Trends 2014

Monthly Traffic Trends 2014 Courtesy of FixturesCloseUp and WordPress

FixturesCloseUp November 2014 Daily TrendsAll Holiday Months are hard on Fixtures readership, though November totals on FixturesCloseUp still hit an ongoing upward monthly trend of 30,902 page views and 12,734 visitors. Focusing on daily trends shows a tough fixture audience over the Thanksgiving Holiday itself (Click the thumbnail for visual). Easy to understand … either you are overworked for the Holiday, or it is one of your few breaks before Christmas. If your company’s fixture trends match, you are right on target with what I see. But after any Holiday downturn, readership usually spikes. Time for readers to return to FixturesCloseUp to research outfitting and visual merchandising, and lay the groundwork for the next selling period and Holiday.

EDITORS NOTE: If a total Page View count of 965,000 intrigues you and your business is focused on #retailfixtures maybe you’d like to talk turkey (Thanksgiving pun intended) and a corporate takeover of FixturesCloseUp? Check out the site statistics, honors and awards, and Fair Market Valuations under the “Site for Sale” menu above. Let me know if you have an interest in FixturesCloseUp as an intellectual property and thought leadership representing and promoting your interests as nothing else can. (For one of several threads of use and professional insight see “Importance of Using Silos in your SEO Strategy.“)

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