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$4,000 You Break It You Bought It Retail Warning at ALNO

$4,000 You Break It You Own It AuxThough the caution itself was actually a more genteel “Please Do Not Tuoch. I ‘m Not Securely Installed and I Cost $4,000.00” the translations surely is YBIYBI … “You Break It You Bought It.” Seen at the ALNO Showroom in the Architech and Designers Building, Manhattan. I am fairly certain it was not the cheapest item in the place, but maybe the most fragile and tempting to handle. CLICK the thumbnail for the warning in Large Type. ALNO is the world’s second largest kitchen manufacturer. Need creative help at the A&D Building, ask for Lothar Birkenfeld, Lead ALNO Designer. But even he can’t save you if you break this puppy.

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