Prime Cuts Meat Map in 3 Dimensions

Prime Cuts Meat Map in 3 Dimensions

Prime Cuts Meat Map in 3 DimensionsEven though I have worked as Butcher and Slaughter House staff, too many years have passed for me to remember all the cuts. Maybe every Meat Department would benefit from an instructional Prime Cuts Meat Map in 3 Dimensions reminder like this. Click the thumbnail for the number-coded list of cuts by name. I was on a first name basis with many of these cuts, boning meats for Polish Kelbasa and Krakowska. I wonder if what cuts we Poles didn’t used, went into Italian and other Sausages (Poles don’t use the fennel or anise seasonings)? I don’t remember competing for meat directly, so maybe the Nationalities’ uses of this Prime Cuts Meat Map don’t overlap?

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