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950,000 Pageviews Stats Courtesy of and WordPress just surpassed 950,000 page views. Even if only 1 of those pageviews was you, thanks. I hope you found an idea, answer, or concept of value. In the long run what is planned is more, and more, and more content allowing comprehensive browsing, searching, comparison and image viewing. But there we come back full circle to the 1 in the headline ratio 950,000:1 …  the total part time staff of FixturesCloseUp is 1 … me. So have patience and grow with FixturesCloseUp as a retail research and outfitting tool over time.

EDITORS NOTE: If a Page View count of 950,000 intrigues you and your business is focused on #retailfixtures maybe you’d like to talk turkey (Thanksgiving pun intended) and a corporate takeover of FixturesCloseUp? Check out the site statistics, honors and awards, and Fair Market Valuations under the “Site for Sale” menu above. Let me know if you have an interest in FixturesCloseUp as an intellectual property and thought leadership representing and promoting your interests as nothing else can. (For one of several threads of use and professional insight see “Importance of Using Silos in your SEO Strategy.“)

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