Pallet Rack Corral for Circular Table Main

Need to bulk merchandise full-size tables? These specialized fittings turn your ordinary Pallet Racking into a Table-size corral. I’m not quite sure how the releases work, but know that they captured my attention, maybe I will return to inspect more closely and report my findings in a second post. Meanwhile click through the gallery for various levels of zoom. See that the forward-facing Table Tops do a better job of selling themselves than the stacked. But the danger of accident or toppling is greater too.

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For Pallet Rack Merchandising by Title…
Oversize Item Containment
Guarded Loop Hook Strip Merchandiser
Strip Merchandiser With Big Bite
Faucet Connector Clip Strip
WD-40® Bandolier Merchandiser Strip
Two-fer Strip Merchandiser Rack
Werner® 2-Way Pallet Rack Grapple
Twin J-Hook Has Double Life
Bungee-Corded Banners
Timber Bumper in Vivid Yellow
Expanded Metal Security Screen
S-Hook and Loop Hook Twins
Polo Mallet Merchandising
Three-Tier Corner-Guard Quiver
Simply Better C-Clamps by Bessey®
Twin S-Hooks as Bag Dispenser
Gravity-Feed Conduit Cement
Square Quiver for Boxed Items
Conduit Bender Pallet Rack Hook
Ball Chained Color Choices
Planogram Both Fixture and Item
Color-Coded Ladders Top-Stopped
Step Stool Pallet Rack Hang
Sideways Slant on J-Hooks
Caution Tape in Spanish Only
2×6 Broom Handle Rack
Pipe Tape on Strip Merchandiser
3M® Tape Tower on Pallet Rack
Bulk Bucket Lid Merchandiser
Hose Reel as Lid Merchandiser
Eye Bolts or Eye Openers?
Return Your Fittings Here
Fittings Return by Tray
Selling Bidets by the Pallet
Duracell Welded Loop Hooks
Truckload Quantity Up-sell
Pallet Rack Safe Guard
4-Pack For Pallet Rack
No Peeking Until The Holiday Pallet Warning
Shelf Divider Mounts on Slatwall
Multi-Lug Tray for Pallet Rack
Hose Connector Loop Hook
Pallet Rack Sign Direct-Mounts
PVC Quiver is DIY Fixture for Pallet Rack
Bottom-Mount Pallet Rack Label
Pallet Rack Merchandiser Mount
Perforated Pallet Rack Overlay
Magnetic Pallet Rack Talker
Pallet Rack Talkers Create Master Sign
Pallet-Rack-Specific Literature Holder
Pick Card Pouch for Pallet Rack

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