Leaf vs Snow Blower Kickstand

Leaf vs Snow Blower Kickstand

Leaf vs Snow Blower KickstandI am sure the manufacturer would prefer I wax poetic about all the innovative tech brought to bear on this modern Leaf Bower design. But FixturesCloseUp prefers to focus on the Leaf Blower Kickstand, the key to its positioning in the point-of-purchase display. A single elegantly shaped wireform cradles the merchandise, directly welded to a backplate, bolted to a Perforated metal threshold. The multi-position threshold could allow positioning and display of other yard and home improvement hardware too. And no this is not late in the Fall merchandising season, for even though snow has fallen in many areas, I have used my leaf blower on snow too. Try it. CLICK the thumbnail for a display overview, and the gallery for Kickstand details.

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Leaf vs Snow Blower Display Kickstand

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Leaf vs Snow Blower Display Kickstand

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