Braun CoolTec Ice Cube Prop Display

Braun CoolTec Ice Cube Prop Display

If you hate razor burn and a hot electric shaver head generally, this self-cooling Braun® Shaver abd Braun CoolTec Ice Cube Prop Display may be right up your alley. At $199 it might originally have been a “Price Decoy” motivating sale of the one-step-down $149 Braun Model But at the Sale price of $159, its a quick and easy upsell. As luck would have it I was shaver shopping that day and took Braun up on the offer. And yes it does run cooler than my previous shavers. CLICK the gallery for alternate views of the block-of-ice point-of-purchase propping. See that all desirable Brauns are securely tethered so that they do not wander too far from the display.

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Braun CoolTec Ice Cube Prop Display
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