Moleskine Celebrate 40 years of Hello Kitty

Moleskine Celebrate 40 Years of Hello Kitty

The 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty® has been reported previously here on FixturesCloseUp®. But there appears to still be time to get on the Kitty White bandwagon, as has Moleskine®. See that this email announcement encourages Pre-Order. so a tsunami of response might be expected (or hoped for). I did not see in-store in my last visit but will try to document Moleskine Point-of-Purchase for you on my next visit.

EDITOR’S NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts. I comment generally on items of retail interest in close-up, and do not publish Product or Press Releases. Still, happy to hear from you if you have a fun fixture.This post continues my coverage of the modern merchandising strategies employed by both Moleskine and Hello Kiity.

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