ZzzQuil Corrugated Z Display Front Back

ZzzQuil Corrugated Z Point-of-Purchase Display

One wonders if this die-cut dimensional ZzzQuil Corrugated Z Display came assembled as a pre-pack or required in-store setup with some pretty hefty instructions … or maybe even a DVD video to walk staff through creation. Do you think it required overtime or an all-nighter? In any event hats off to the Point-of-Purchase Display Designer for a fun exhibition of his skills. Maybe a contrairian thought, but I would have merchandised the back too …. for those of us who snore on the back stroke not fore stroke of the diaphragm. CLICK the gallery for various views. Also know this ZzzQuil Corrugated Z Display was interesting enough to be re-broadcast from FixturesCloseUp on POPON.net.

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ZzzQuil® Corrugated Z Display
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ZzzQuil Corrugated Z Display
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