FixturesCloseUp Oct 2014 Stats Race to Christmas

FixturesCloseUp Race to Christmas Retail Usage Stats Thru Oct. 2014

All of retail seems to be well out of the starting blocks in the race for Christmas judging by the upward trend in monthly traffic stats from FixturesCloseUp. I hope it portends a good and profitable season for one and all. If stuck for a retail or merchandising solution remember to check the FixturesCloseUp “How to Use” tips above and the “Index Page” and “Pinterest Board” menus for ideas.

EDITORS NOTE: If you like the trend lines, totals, and have a business focused on #retailfixtures maybe you’d like to talk turkey (Thanksgiving pun intended) and a corporate takeover of FixturesCloseUp? Check out the site statistics, honors and awards, and Fair Market Valuations under the “Site for Sale” menu above. Let me know if you have an interest in FixturesCloseUp as an intellectual property representing your interests as nothing else can.

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