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Diagonal Shopping Cart Parking

Even professional Traffic Engineers debate the efficacy of diagonal, nose-in parking along traffic ways. Do such debates echo into store planning and design? I am supporter of the Diagonal Park both for carts as here, and cars nose-in to the curb in small town business districts. I think it allows easier parking and unparking, better traffic flow, and better rear visibility. For curb-side car parking it also angles pedestrians facing into the traffic flow. So exuberant children running out from between cars are forced to face and see downstream, and traffic can see up into the aisles between cars. Can’t risk hurting those playful future consumers. Its been decades since I had a chance to peruse the ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) handbooks on the topic of the Diagonal Park. Comment if you can bring us all up to date on the latests regs and recommendations.

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