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Rigid Penderhaus Miniature Point of Purchase Premium

Rigid Miniature Point of Purchase Premium Frony AuxAnd odd miniature premium to see in retail, unless you are shopping high-end, solid metal componentry at Main Line Architectural Hardware in Paoli, PA where the proprietor is both Engineer and Metalurtist. If you thought custom hinge, latch and lock shopping was simple, you have not consulted an expert like Lou Bunnick. Since he has a metalurgy background, the Rigid Pedinghaus® branded anvil miniature makes sense. CLICK the thumbnail for a front view. For the best and most creatively designed door hardware, visit Main Line Architectural Hardware, just outside Philadelphia.

EDITOR’S NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts. This post is part of a planned series on component Point-of-Purchase display seen as visual merchandising at Main Line Architectural Hardware in Paoli, PA.

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