Celebrate Your Purchase In-Store

Image Courtesy of Contemporay Couch Design Studio, Paramus, NJ

Contemporary Couch Celebratory Food PropsThese inviting food props seem set to celebrate your in-store design purchases. Of course they also help you imagine how elegant any and all of these furnishings at Contemporary Couch Design Studio in Paramus, NJ might appear in use. As you see, their food prop staging is first class, as are the in-store offerings. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view and ponder what treat you might reach for first. I’m fairly certain they would pop a champagne cork if you expressed an interest.

EDITOR’S NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts. A series of Contemporary Couch Design Studio is planned because of the unusual nature of their business and in-store merchandising.

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