Overhead Rail Modern Art

Overhead Rail Modern Art – Images repurposed from Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions

Overhead Rail Modern Art

Images repurposed from Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions

On occasions like this I post a fixture review just because I like the way it looks. If you force me to come up with reasons for this Overhead Rail Modern Art Merchandising reporting, the overhead orientation, use of square profile bar, right-angle turns, and integrated lighting are a good start. The use of the overhead “attic” as additional display space works too. For a coup de grâce the clothes hangers are completely sustainable courtesy of Ditto Sustiainable Brands. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate view.

EDITOR’S NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts. These images repurposed from Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions based upon the modernist decor, with a tip of the hate to sustainability.

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