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Fixture research and consumption is a leading indicator of retail. The problem is does increased fixure interest predict easy increased sales, or is a tough competitive season ahead and retailers are remodeling and upgrading to draw additional traffic. I can’t say what the predictor predicts, but FixturesCloseUp Visitor and Pagviews have grown by over 25% for the past 6 months. I hope this bodes well for the industry for it is my industry too. If you are a statistician and have good access to sales figures, factor in FixturesClose Up’s upward trends and see if this is a predictor of a good Christmas Season, or good 2015 year. And if not a statistician please continue to take advantage of the research capabilities, and outfitting insights of FixturesCloseUp in up or down markets.

EDITORS NOTE: FixturesCloseUp traffic is on an upswing and could be the Content Managed solution you need to position your firm as a fixture thought leader, engage users and champion your brand. Browse the fixture traffic trends, awards, milestones, and various approaches to the calculation Fair Market Valuation of FixturesCloseUp as Social Media and intellectual property under the “FixturesCloseUp Site for Sale” Menu above. FixturesCloseUp needs  a corporate sponsor to further dominate the field, and you might be the White Knight who both helps and benefits from the acquisition. Call anytime day or night, knowing that if groggily awakened in the middle of the night I might practically give the site away

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