Twinned Straight Entry Sign Holder Bridges

No matter what the purpose, twin Straight-Entry Mounts for specialized fixtures and, in this case, sign holders, would seem to facilitate installation. But please do test the concept in your use. Some Straight-Entry Backplates require a slight twist of the front wire to facilitate disassembly. I am not sure twinned-and-cross-pinned front wires like this actually do quickly dismount. You can see I must have been well into my in-store explorations before someone noticed and called out “Can we help you?” … which in my case means “Just what the heck do you think you are doing?” Don’t worry. I always put displays and fixtures back the way I found them. And if you need a “Wanted Poster” or facial-recognition-software image see me at “Moleskine® In-Store Selfie.” Then come back to click through details in the gallery below. Note in particular two different manufacturers Plastic Straight-Entry Backplates are used, further raising the question of smooth disassembly.

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