Surprise Hook Inspection

Surprise Hook Inspection

FixturesCloseUp Gold Seal of Approval 30ºTrust the overhanging threat of a surprise Hook inspection to keep the retail outfitting business on its toes. If you have seen a dramatic uptick in quality, display organization and cleanliness in recent years, just maybe its because an industry watchdog like FixturesCloseUp is on the prowl. Then again, maybe not, and instead Visual Merchandising and Fixturing has experienced an influx of new talent and expanded commitment. Whatever the reason, watch for this guy in-store, and the review of your facility which follows. Click for a facial read on how this chain rated one fine retail day, or click the thumbnail for the actual FixturesCloseUp Stamp of Approval.

EDITORS NOTE: This guy works cheap, has 100,000 readers and 300,000 retail inspection pageviews annually. But he’s tired and lonely in his one-man fight to upgrade Fixtures. If you have an interest is supporting the fight, sponsoring a site like FixturesCloseUp, or carrying the banner of outfitting thought-leadership forward, check out the site statistics, honors and awards, and Fair Market Valuations under the “Site for Sale” menu above. If you owned FixturesCloseUp, retail junkets like this for you and your spouse could be totally tax deductible, and you would merit the title “Publisher.” How are those for fun perq’s?

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