Value = Idea x Execution

Value = Idea x Execution Formula and Multiplier Tables Courtesy of Derek Sivers

This Value = Idea x Execution concept says ideas are just a multiplier! I have seen this conceptual approach in a few places, and back tracked it ultimately to Derek Sivers. His contention is that many have (or claim to have) great ideas, but the idea alone, without execution may be of little final value. His concept of multiplying the numeric value of a rated “Idea” times the numeric dollar value of the “Execution” gives a relative indication of the “Value” of the proposal. The multipliers for “Idea” and “Execution” are his. I like them because they produce an exponential or logarithmic array for the final “Value”. One increased level of “Idea” or “Execution” quality gives a final “Value” an order or several orders of magnitude greater. The answers are so radically different and increase so rapidly that it is easy to discern and rank final “Value” … good, bad or indifferent.

Beyond pure theory, I have a personal interest and liking for the concept. I am searching for a sponsor or investor to take over and expand upon my idea. Of course I have calculated several types of Fair Market Value, but the Sivers Equation gives a fast, clear indicator of Value relationships (not actual Value). For example…

Value = Idea x Execution

Value = Idea x Execution

Weak Idea / Weak Execution
Value = 1 x $1,000 = $1,000

Good Idea / Good Execution
Value = 10 x $100,000 = $1,000,000

Brilliant Idea / Brilliant Execution
Value = 20 x $10,000,000 = $200,000,000

I consider my FixturesCloseUp concept of an all-inclusive searchable pictorial database of fixture solution reviews as a “Good Idea” with a “Good Execution.” The Siver’s Equation tells you right out of the box FixturesCloseUp is a hot prospect. But frankly I would let you sponsor the site for far, far less.

Don’t agree with my rating? Play with the values yourself and see how good or bad an idea you think it is. (First do please review all the features under “HOW TO USE,” “INDEX PAGE” and “PINTEREST BOARD” menus). Then go compare your projected Sivers value with 4 alternate actual projections of Fair Market Value under “SITE FOR SALE” (Scroll to the bottom for FMV). If you like the discounted prices there, get out your checkbook and give me a call. And just for fun, leave your rating and Siver Equation value for as a comment. Maybe we can come up with a statistically valid new figure for Fair Market Value based upon the poll of users.

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