Custom Slatwall Football Scrimmage

Custom Slatwall Football Scrimmage – Images Courtesy of Wind Mill Slatwall

Custom Slatwall Football ScrimmageCustom Slatwall Football Scrimmage indeed. Here the Greenbay Packers lin up against the Chicago Bears on a playing field of Slatwall. Maybe not something you run up and down your aisles, but good for extra points on Endcaps and such. To make a power play like this in point-of-purchase you might try Wind Mill Slatwall. Then position an actual football and helmets in front of the image and see if you can add a real-world 3D effect. If you like and try my idea, send pictures so we can share. First CLICK the thumbnail for a larger view of this panel.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration was involved in creation of this post. I am merely being playful while offering a glimpse of the creativity of others in retail. I also prefer not to take sides in this struggle of football titans either, so call someone else if you want to place bets. Remember the 2014 NFL Season starts today.

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