An unusual class of “fixture” that does deserve some coverage in support of “passing” out thanks in auto salon retailing … particularly in light of the late Summer run up to Football Season. But also as a general retailing fixture and amenity. If you retail in a service oriented field, providing a way to help reward your staff, and an means for customers to express appreciation is important.

I so appreciate my auto salon crew, service technician, postman, hair stylist and Starbucks barista. But mightn’t I also be able to express appreciation for my butcher for advice and custom cuts? And while I think about tipping my flourist, what would make me think about taking care of my fish monger and green grocer? Part of the equation is the degree of service and personal attention offered. But part also can be the “hint” that a gratuity might be appropriate to the service offered, and just the opportunity to express thanks in a breezy, casual fashion.

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