Twin Frontwire Slatwall Hook for Hair Dryers

The shear simplicity of this Loop Hook solution was stunning. In a standard All Wire Loop Hook the open ends are the anchor to the vertical display surface, normally Pegboard or Slatwall. This concept is the reverse. The bridging element of the hook is the backplate, the twin arms become open ended frontwires. The ultimate goal? Inexpensive hookery for Hair Dryers and similar on Slatwall. CLICK through the gallery for a good look at the use. Know that most manufacturers can create ball-end safety tips as part of the wire forming process, so you could upgrade this design a tad to Ball-End quite easily. The only disadvantage is that while a standard All-Wire Loop Hook can fit various combinations of Pegboard, Slatwall, Perforated Metal, Slatwire, Slots and even Corrugated, this hook is for Slatwall … and maybe Slatwire. See that the Slatwall channel is armor reinforced.

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