Ralph Lauren Now Brands Paint

Ralph Lauren Now Brands Paint and Home Improvement

If you are Ralph Lauren® and you’ve already conquered all other fashion channels, why not set your sights on home decor as with this Ralph Lauren Now Brands Paint proposition. My wife spends more time than I do in Home Improvement stores researching the craziest things she can do to our house. My needs are far more simple. Still Ralph Lauren paint would push her hot button and close a sale. Me? I’m fine with the wealth of tasteful offerings by Valspar®, Behr®, Sherwin Williams®, and the other paint hard liners. Sherwin William’s can still mix my specific exterior stains after decades of house maintenance. Why would I ever switch?

This Ralph Lauren paint department provides copious examples of point-of-purchase sales psychology. The main image, actually a brochure cover, positions RL as traditional, long-wearing and workman-like. The paint brush in the center of the first gallery of images just below brandishes the RL logo embossed, to impress anyone happening to visit seeking an upgrade. Branded specialty tools in the gallery below promise textures and faux finishes beyond compare. Is there any positioning or branding you think missed? Finally, do you think this true Ralph Lauren, or the Ralph Lauren name licensed to Home Depot?

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