Fleetwood Fixtures Keen Rebard Branding 6

Image Courtesy of Keen Footwear and Fleetwood Fixtures, Leesport, PA

Part Industrial Chic, Part Do-It-Yourself, all ode to the basics of life, this Table-Top Keen® Yellow Branded Sign Stand could not be overlooked. The multiplicity of up-cycled elements makes it the epitome of the recycling ethos. Best of all for my purposes it is both unique and it syncs with multiple FixturesCloseUp threads.

Also see this solution echo across retail in a syndicated rebroadcast on POPON.net. Keen® and their supplier Fleetwood Fixtures® seem to have hit a home run with this sustainable design, both here and at POPON.

EDITORS NOTE: FixturesCloseUp does not publish Product Releases or accept remuneration in the creation of posts. But if I like something I see, in-store, out-of-store, or online I have no compunction over publishing. This implementation found browsing the online galleries of Fleetwood Fixtures®.

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