Sharpie Back-to-School Riot

Sharpie Back-to-School Riott Point-of-Purchase Display with Try-Me

Sharpie Back-to-School Riot Try Me

It’s a marketing axiom that the more buttons you put on a blender, the more blenders you sell. The same must hold for pens and this Sharpie Back-to-School Riot … the more riotous the color offering the more Sharpies sold. Unless the correlation is the more colors, the larger the display, the more the Sharpie sales. You choose proximate and ultimate cause and effect. Interesting in the main photo above is that the blank white Sharpie® test page is unused … but there are test scribbles on other parts of the display. Maybe the blank page needs a specific “Try Your Sharpie Here…” callout See the Sharpie Back-to-School Riot gallery to see various views.


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