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FixturesCloseUp Trophy Case AuxWriting about Pegboard Hooks, Label Holders, Slatwall and such is mostly a thankless task. It is the sum of all the posts as a research resource that is the value and ultimate goal. Nevertheless FixturesCloseUp “Likes” seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. Yes, yes I am nowhere nearly as popular as Lady Gaga … but within retail fixtures I seem to be developing a following. Any fixture “groupies” out there who might like a date to go out retailing? We can meet in-store or I can pick you up. I’m the guy with the Kangol cap, in case you want to do a retail drive-by first before engaging. If you see a cute redhead in the aisle, any date is off, she’s my wife and a possessive girl. CLICK the thumbnail to see the overall FixturesCloseUp trophy board which is a count of new additions to Likes and Follows by year, not a cumulative total. By other tallies on WordPress my regular Blog Followers total nearly 400, with 1,500 Pinterest Followers, 350 email followers, 250 Twitters followers, (about 2,500 total) plus uncounted RSS feed thrown in to boot.

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