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Metalfilo Lotto Shoe Displayer, Designed by Newton and Lawson

Metalfilo Lotto Shoe Displayer AuxTrust FixturesCloseUp to initially focus on the visually impactful label holder … I love the consistent placement of front C-Channel on these Newton and Son designed Lotto® Shoe Displayers, and all the more so the category callouts and yellow color echoed from shoe to signage. CLICK the small thumbnail at right for a similar effect in blue. But close inspection also reveals the back upright can hold additional signage, literature, or point-of-purchase benefit callouts. A velcro surface on the angled stand keeps shoes in place and resists sliding down the slope. Though originally pointed out to me by the manufacturer themselves, Metalfilo producing for Lotto Shoes, I felt the finished display worthy of a review. CLICK the gallery for a range of implementations and views.

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