Touring the Fantini Showroom in the Architect and Designers Bulding, Manhattan

Margarit and Tony Kadysewski at Fantini AuxFantini hosted an evening Open House in the Designer and Architects Building, Manhattan. We couldn’t attend the night-time festivities but did stop by earlier in the day to congratulate and pay our respects. The staff took our photo but given the list to Port (my Port not yours), we suspect they had been sampling the night’s refreshments a bit early. Sorry we didn’t capture more of the Fantini wares. But as walking advertising for consumer consumption  I am Kangol, Robert Graham, Gucci belt, Nautica, and Ferragamo from top to bottom. Margarit is more simply Karen Millen with Biviel Wedges. We look better than we live. With so much time spent in retail you can imagine we find all the reduced-price and close-out items keeping wardrobing cost to a minimum. My wife in a previous existence worked as a professional shopper for a well-to-do family of 7. Make her an offer and we’ll take charge of outfitting you simultaneously.

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