FISH-Tip Periscope Sign Holder

FISH-Tip Periscope Sign Holder

FISH-Tip Periscope Sign HolderI like the concept of this  industry-standard FISH-Tip Periscope Sign Holder because it allows the mounting of a wide variety of label holders, label strip, sign hopders and miscellaneous fittings and fixtures. This concept uses a Periscope approach for an up-and-over sign holder for EndCap 1” Grid. See the thumbnail for a closeup that reveals, however, that this FISH-Tip is over- not standard-size. I’m not sure in this use and location it needed to be, but it would keep signage and holders more proprietary and tie you to the supplier … something they would like. If considering a similar concept, why not try an industry standard FISH Tip first.

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