Nutri-Bullet® Security Lock-down

Nutri-Bullet® Security Lock-down in Retail Point-of-Purchase Display

Either Nutri-Bullet accessories are highly pilfered, or these display components are nut-and-bolted in place to preserve the display arrangement. Yes I could see everything offered, but somehow I always want to pick up and inspect items, and see how they fit and lock together. This tactile need was frustrated by the lockdown. Would it cause me to forgo a purchase? Probably not. But more a more touchy-feely approach might have actually encouraged the buy. This seemed best suited for visual display only. How about a display with loose accessories that mounted in size-and-shape-specific fitted holders that allowed inspection, but encouraged return to the correct location in the display. Pilferage still a problem? How about tethers, lanyards and spring retractors? Stll in a pinch yoou could always bolt down as here.

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