Plug-in Peg Hooks Go Nuts

Plug-in Peg Hooks Go Nuts

Plug-in Peg Hooks Go Nuts indeed. This is an implementation of old-fashioned Bar Merchandiser patterned after the original “Oscar Meyer Bar” concept. Yes, these traditional fixtures, which mount with threaded fasteners, are still available. They demonstrate the ongoing value of Bar Merchandisers with Plug-in Hooks. But more modern concepts allow one-person, no-tool installs, and other state-of-the-art improvements. And this gapped, Bar-mount metal C-channel would be replaced with extruded plain paper labels and continuous sign holder systems. Is bag tear-out a problem in your store? Consider Bar Mount Trays with built-in auto-feed for continuous forwarding and facing; perfect for nuts (as here), bagged candy, and other lines. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view.

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Plug-in Peg Hooks Go Nuts

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